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 R & D

 The Faculty of Business, Management and Informatics Novo mesto recognises its mission in education and the transfer of knowledge, whose quality depends heavily on scientific and research work as well as efforts to achieve excellence in all field.
The Faculty of Business, Management and Informatics Novo mesto encourages research in the following areas:
  • macroeconomic issues, international business, public administration;
  • management and organisation, entrepreneurship;
  • marketing, accounting, business ethics and law, management of knowledge and innovations;
  • economic-business education and human resource management;
  • economic-business theories and practices as well as new methods, techniques and approaches, their introduction into practice   and experience in their application.
 To fulfil our mission and make a contribution to the knowledge-based society, our scientific and research activity follows the strategic guidelines defined in the Rules on the Research-Development Activity, as follows:
  1. systematically developing and improving approaches to the scientific and research activity;
  2. developing the profession in the field of business and management;
  3. ensuring the personal development of higher education teachers and associates due to the improvement of an individual’s scientific and research work;
  4. carrying out the scientific and research activity within the framework of international, national and marketing projects for the purposes of the economic and non-economic sector;
  5. organising and holding all the forms of scientific and professional meetings as well as functional and lifelong learning in the field of business and management;
  6. including students in R&D;
  7. directing promotion and publishing the results of the scientific and research activity.