Journal of Economic and Business Sciences
Revija za ekonomske in poslovne vede
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Journal of Economic and Business Sciences is intended for researchers, economists, managers or anybody who deal with management and business in their work.

The Journal discusses interdisciplinary topics in the following fields: national economic issues, international business, public administration, management and organisation, entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, business ethics and law, management of knowledge and innovation, economic-business training and human resource. The content also covers various current topics with regard to economic-business theory and practice as well as new methods, techniques and approaches, their implementation in practice, and experience in applying them.

The Journal is issued twice a year, and papers are published in the Slovene and English language. The main goal of the editorial board is to provide the basis for a forum in order to spread theory and research in all the fields of economics, business and management that are interesting for people in science as well as practice and students.

University of Novo mesto Faculty of Economics and Informatics
University of Novo mesto Faculty of Business and Management Sciences

Editorial Board
Zoran Arandjelović, Serbia
Ermina Begović, Naples, Italy
Vito Bobek, Gradec; Austria
Miroslav Djordjevic, Russia
Luiela Magdalena Csorba, Romania
Karl Farmer, Gradec; Austria
Malči Grivec, Slovenia
Kadrija Hodžić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Aleš Jug, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA
Milan Jurina, Croatia
Vesna Karadžić, Montenegro
Bjørnar Karlsen Kivedal, Norwegian
Sasho Kjošev, Republic of Macedonia
Valentina Lukina, Russia
Vladislav Marjanović, Serbia
Estefanía Mourelle Espasandín, Spain
Edward Pielichaty, Poland
Igor Sergeev, Russia
Violeta Šugar, Croatia


Jasmina Starc

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Journal of Economic and Business Sciences, 
Na Loko 2, Sl-8000 Novo mesto,
Slovenia, EU

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The publication of the journal is co-financed by the Public research agency of the Republic of Slovenia.